Addiction Defined in Song and Rhyme

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They say that addiction is a disease of the mind. When a person is depressed there are over 1000 enzymes that do not function in the brain. Those enzymes are responsible for sending messages via endorphins to the rest of the body. When those enzymes are not active the true function of the brain is inhibited due to depression. Only when a person feels good about themselves again can the normal thought process of the brain begin to function at even an acceptable level.

I found a blockage within my mind, telling me things that weren't so kind,
Until I learned to let it go, now peace and contentment is all I know,
I was told a liar lies within, constantly leading me into sin,
Until I finally said Good-Bye, moving forward, head held high.

The above poem is a story of my life. What a better way to teach another person than by trial and error right. Well I don't wish anyone on this planet to go through what I did in actuality and in my mind. Addiction is one of the worst diseases on this planet and the number 3 killer in the world. They say that Heart disease is number one, Cancer is number two and Addiction is the number three killer of mankind in the world. Well since Addiction leads to heart disease and cancer I would have to say it is probably a tie for second place. Yet those with addictions are the most frowned upon members of society today. Those that have never been afflicted by addiction simply cannot understand it. They think that those that are inflicted with addiction have a moral defect of character and a lack of self control. This simply is not so. It is tuly a disease of the mind and of the body. Of course I can only speak from experience.

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In 2007 Thomas Cincurak was given three weeks to live and completely healed his body through natural health treatments. Now Tom is on a mission to heal as many as he can through what he has learned.

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Addiction Defined in Song and Rhyme

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This article was published on 2010/03/29