Cat Video Addiction: The Latest Epidemic

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Has anyone started a support group for cat video addiction? There may be a need for this in the near future, as thousands, maybe even millions of people are unable to stop themselves from watching cute, funny, silly, bizarre or sometimes rather boring videos about cats!

Until the time when you can find support groups, we'll look at some ways to help yourself if you suffer from this problem. Like all addictions, you first have to admit that you have this one. Honestly ask yourself how many cat videos you've watched in the last month. If you can't answer this, that's a bad sign. If the number is higher than ten, you may be on the verge of having a problem. If it's more than fifty, well, that number speaks for itself.

Another symptom of cat video addiction is taking constant videos of your own cats and posting them online. It used to be that people who were obsessed with their pets would show everyone photos. Now, videos are being e-mailed to friends, relatives and co-workers and posted endlessly to YouTube and other video sites.

You may want to consider how tedious it may be for people to be spammed by your cat videos. Your addiction isn't only harming you, it's painful to others as well!

Cutting this addiction cold turkey may not be practical. Try cutting back gradually. If you subscribe to any video channels that feature cats, cancel as many as you can stand. Try to limit yourself to one per day, at most. And if you're one of the culprit who actually makes these videos, cut back to one per week!

Left unchecked, addiction to cat videos can have serious consequences for society, leading to the decline of families (too busy watching videos to pay attention to your spouse and kids!), a lowering of literacy (you're not reading, your eyes are glued tot he computer screen watching the antics of your virtual furry friends!) and to the very decline of our culture and democracy, as people care more about cats than politics, the economy and the state of the world.

Cat video addiction is not something to be ashamed of, it's something to seek help for. Remember, you're not alone. Lots of other people share your problem, even if they won't admit it.

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Cat Video Addiction: The Latest Epidemic

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This article was published on 2010/11/07