Five Life Lessons Learned From Christian Addiction Treatment

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It is often said that acknowledging an addiction to drugs and alcohol is the first step in recovery. Once a person admits there is a problem, the true healing of body, soul and mind can truly begin. A Christian addiction treatment program will provide all the necessary tools to accomplish the ultimate goal of enjoying a healthy and sober life.

Christian addiction treatment simply focuses on the fundamentals of Biblical scripture and the knowledge that Christ's love is a powerful catalyst for recovery. The acceptance of Jesus Christ allows the addict to concentrate on rebuilding their life, with the understanding that Christ will forgive their every sin.

Christian addiction treatment teaches acceptance of the addiction and slowly rebuilds the addict's confidence. With the strong foundation of Jesus Christ, the addict feels safe and loved every step of the way. A Christian addiction treatment program incorporates Biblical principles with the 12 step program. With this process, addicts are able to learn forgiveness of themselves and of other people in their lives.

A Christian addiction treatment program teaches accountability, for both past and present actions in the addict's life. A good Christian addiction treatment program will allow the patient to learn responsibility for every aspect of their lives and slowly help the addict to rebuild broken personal relationships. Making amends for past mistakes is a vital part of the recovery process. The addict must recognize that with their addiction, damage to every important relationship was a fact, but with time, prayer and determination, those wounds can be healed.

Christian addiction treatment will teach the important lesson of honesty. An addict must admit that while they abused drugs and alcohol they were not honest with themselves or other people. The Bible teaches honesty, and this life lesson will go a long way in helping put the broken pieces of life back together.

The final life lesson that a Christian addiction treatment program will teach is pride. When an addict realizes that they are on the road to recovery, they will experience a feeling of pride. Every milestone is something to be proud of in recovery. This life lesson will serve the recovering addict well in every aspect of their life.

Every one of these life lessons - acceptance, forgiveness, accountability, pride and honesty - work in concert to give the addict the best possible chance at a fresh start. Each one of these lessons will be carried over into the addict's daily life once they complete their recovery program. It is important to remember that a Christian addiction treatment program is a positive step for any person struggling with addiction.
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Five Life Lessons Learned From Christian Addiction Treatment

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This article was published on 2011/03/24