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We must admit that technology has played a very big part in our lives today. It made us live comfortably and make something be done fast. It also played as an entertainer to us. We are real people who establish virtual life. With the existence of computers, play stations, nintendo wii, xboxthey make our virtual lives possible through their video games. It is a good way to relax ourselves from stressful cruel life. But what happens really today is that it has become an addiction. Many people forget that reality is much better than virtuality; that there are still some things that they need to do in real life.

Many students today fail their subjects because they skip classes, do not study and make homework. Instead they allocate their time on playing video games and can possibly play on them 24/7. This could really sound depressing for most parents. Their childrens focus on study was washed out; their health is neglected due to deprivation of sleep. Some even save their money, yet sacrifice their food budget just to be able to buy a good video game or gamble it with friends. If you are one of the kids who have this addiction, then save yourself before you really drown yourself on this. Here are some helpful tips for you on how to stop video gaming addiction.

The very first step is to admit to yourself that you are addicted to this. When you deny to yourself that you are then how can you move on? You are still stuck on that limbo.
Ask yourself why you became addicted to this. Is it really because you love the game or you just love the company you have when you play it?
Do not absolutely stop playing at first. This will just increase the urge and will make you frustrated.
Reduce playing hours slowly. This is just like cigarette smoking addiction, you should not completely take it out from your daily system immediately for it will have a bad effect on you.
Do your assignments and study until you fully understand the lesson before playing video games. Do not ever neglect your studies.
Get a life. Get a real life. This means mingle with real people. Hang out with friends.
Engage in real sports and hobbies you love. This way, you exercise your body plus you get a real glimpse of reality.
Execute your plan to stop the addiction. You may not get your aim immediately but do not be frustrated. This is a one step a time process. You just need determination, perseverance and focus.
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Ow To Stop Video Games Addiction

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This article was published on 2010/12/16